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Birmingham Fixed Gear

Campagnolo Bar-Ends

Campagnolo Bar-Ends


While the bar end plug is generally viewed as a tiny plastic bit included with any bar tape, the Campagnolo philosophy is that any component worth building onto the bike is worth optimizing and making elegant.

The Campagnolo premium bar end plugs - which perfectly compliment the Campagnolo stem cap - are not your ordinary bar end plugs as they go about their job in an extremely effective and no compromise manner.

Perfectly adjustable closure system in addition to classic design emblazoned with the elegant and sophisticated Campagnolo classic graphic make for that extra touch of class that separates an ordinary build from a sophisticated ride worthy of a cyclist with sophisticated taste.

  • They complement perfectly the Campagnolo stem cap
  • Perfectly adjustable closure system
  • All aluminium parts
  • Robust 3 piece handlebar end plug design
  • Deep etched and anodised design
  • Elegant and sophisticated Campagnolo classic graphic

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