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Birmingham Fixed Gear

Drop off Bicycle Servicing, Repair and Reports.

Drop off Bicycle Servicing, Repair and Reports.

Service your track, road, gravel, mountain bicycle with us!

We offer competitive pricing with high quality service and speed of completion in comparison to other chain stores! 


Simply drop off your bicycle at our location and we will issue you a date to collect! usually the next day with our General Service. 

We will also write an honest and genuine report on what else could be upgraded or replaced on your bicycle at no extra cost!

Send an email or a message for a quote with the services you require.


Our bicycle servicing comes in two categories. 

General Service: Chain cleaned, Gears and brakes inspected and indexed, Tyres inspected and replaced if needed. Rim wear inspected. For general Health and safety of the bicycle (This is regular servicing of the bike)


Expert Service: Whole bicycle disassembled. Everything cleaned and re greased, and a full report carried out to identity where parts needs replacing or repairing. Bottom bracket replacements, cable replacements, wheel set replacements. The whole works. (This should be carried out every 2 months or every 1000 miles.)

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